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These are every IPS photographer's favorite Client Guide Templates!

These guides are more than just pretty pictures and frilly designs. They're a collection of carefully-crafted words designed to drive incredible value into your client's portrait experience. These are the exact same guides I use in my own thriving business, and have received nothing but positive feedback from photographers who have started to use them in their own. You NEED these templates! --Gaby Chung

Stop fumbling with your client experience. Start looking and feeling like a pro.

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Build Value
Every Step of The Way

Communicate effectively and expertly build value throughout the IPS portrait experience with the help of these Client Guides. From the moment a client meets with you to book a session to the much-anticipated day of portrait delivery, your clients will feel informed and prepared for every step of the portrait process.

Be The Professional
They Trust

Help your clients choose you. Getting clients to trust you as a professional is no small feat, but it is paramount to gaining and keeping clients. These Client Guides will instantly raise your authority, allowing your clients to trust you as the expert.  When you can show a prospect that you're well prepared, you'll make this decision an easy one for them.

Save Time.
Get Experience.

The carefully curated content within these templates are the direct result of my 8 years in business. That's EIGHT years of trial-and-error, obstacles, and failures that you get to bypass.  You can dive right into the good stuff. It's here on a silver platter, waiting for you.

Let my experience guide you! 

Complete Your Client Experience

"Gaby's Client Guide Templates are absolutely amazing! I use to give my clients a welcome magazine that no one would read. Breaking the information down helped so much. Her guides are filled with the perfect amount of education for your clients in a high end presentation. This gives me piece of mind knowing my clients have something to read back on outlined with all my studio policies as well. Her amazing one page template is such a genius way to save money! The cost of me sitting down trying to recreate the design covers the template price! Thanks Gaby!"

Cristina Hope Whited | Cristina Hope Photography

Designed With Efficiency In Mind

The bulk of the guides contained in this set are designed onto one poster, back and front (as pictured below). These posters are printable through Millers Lab and cost $2 each. The goal in this design is to save you time and money. You can rest easy knowing that you have every card you need on this one template, making re-ordering a simple task. It also makes putting together your welcome packet a breeze.

The pricing trifold is the only piece that's printed separately. These cost around 1.50 each.

In total, with a folder and guides, each packet will cost you between $5-6 per session! It's easy, effective, and inexpensive to produce. Best of all, it's impressive to your clients!

It's time to start showing up to every consultation like a pro.

Let's do this!

Here's What's Inside

Completely editable, layered PSDs.  Just change your images and logos, and edit the content to suit your business. 

Poster Template (Editable PSD)

  • The Portrait Experience
  • Envision Your Portraits
  • Art For Your Home
  • Your Ordering Appointment
  • Ordering Policies 
  • What to Expect
  • Your Digital Files
  • About Your Art
  • Print Release

Pricing Trifold (Editable PSD)

Framing Guide (Editable PSD)

Portrait Finishes Guide (Editable PSD)


  • Newborn Clothing Guide (PDF)
  • General Clothing Guide (PDF)
  • Newborn Session Prep Guide (PDF)
  • Portrait Agreement (PDF)

* Bonus files are non-editable PDFs for reference. You may use all or part of any of these bonus files for your business. Please ensure that your attorney in your own state reviews your agreements for accuracy.

**PLEASE NOTE:  Some sample images feature Ariana Falerni’s room templates.  These are NOT included with your purchase.  However, they can be purchased directly from Ariana Falerni here.

***All PSDs were made to be printed through Millers Lab using their specs.  However, you may adjust the margins to have them printed through your preferred lab. 

NEW PSDs - Portrait Finishes & Framing Your Art 

1. Portrait Finishes -- This card will feature the different materials you sell. For example, fine art prints, textured prints, canvases, etc. Use this card to deliver more impact during the in-person consultation. Help your clients remember the qualities of the products you described during that meeting, at home. It's another tactile experience for them and they LOVE it. I have found that more of my clients are better prepared to choose the materials they want since implementing the use of this card.

2. Framing you art -- This card let's the client know that while they can frame through me, they can also frame on their own, and I'm STILL going to help them even after they pick-up their order. I have found that many clients don't remember what sizes they've purchased so this serves as a helpful reminder to them. I include this card at product pick-up and have received great feedback.

Photographers LOVE These Client Guides

Still not sure if you need these templates?

Check out what other photographers are saying about these Client Guides below. You'll feel more confident in your decision to purchase knowing that other professionals have purchased them for their own businesses and LOVE them too.


Tara Cope

"I’m in LOVE with these client guide templates! Everything came together beautifully. I feel so much more confident meeting with new clients now. And I’ve noticed a huge difference in the relationships I have developed. My clients feel well-informed AND involved in the portrait process from start to finish. This was exactly what I needed to set my business apart from others as a full-service studio. Thank you Gaby!"

Full Feather Photography


Helen Ransom

"I've had a client guide in the past, it was a little book style, and had been a real labor of love between my graphic designer and myself. I loved it, but something wasn't quite right and I couldn't put my finger on it, plus it didn't seem to be helping my booking rate the way I thought it would!

Late last fall I started using the client guide put together by Gaby and WOW! I love that each piece stands independently so that it can be handed to the client at the appropriate time in the process. The way each piece is laid out is just beautiful and screams high end, and it was seriously a breeze to customize!

I can tell at each consultation that my client is impressed and grateful for each piece I hand them!"

Faces You Love Photography


Laura Levitan

"I was worried at first about investing in Gaby's welcome packet. But once I received the files I knew I had made the right choice. They help me to provide a clear and concise system for my clients. Now I feel confident going into a consult that I know what to say and how to lead my clients through the process. I love sending them home with a packet full of answered questions. It has definitely helped my booking process and reduced client follow up questions. I feel more professional and feel like I'm providing a higher level of service. I definitely recommend Gaby's Welcome Packet templates to anyone with a professional photography studio!"

Mod L Photography


Laura Fleur Bower

"My welcome package is ready now. I am an IPS photographer and while I have been successful with this model, I never really was confident in my hand-out materials and I think that bled through into other areas.

This morning, I had a call with a prospective client. She had seen my post on our local FB moms page (you can advertise on the first of each month). My post oozed confidence and I really sold the high-end experience you would get from me. As I was talking and highlighting all the luxurious and personal touches you get with me, my prospective client audibly oohed and aahed. Come to find out, she had been a newborn photographer's assistant when she lived in Houston, TX, so she knows everything to expect in a newborn session, and yet, I was still able to blow her away....because I had confidence and I felt it.

I really feel the last puzzle piece was your client guides, Gaby and I want to thank you."
Fleur Photo

Jordan Cemorelis

"I purchased the client guides about a year ago now and they have enhanced my clients experience exponentially. The client guide templates are so easy to make your own and it has saved me so much time and energy. The ability to present this finished product to my clients has mad such a difference in my professional practice, I absolutely love them!"

Cemorelis Photography


Rachael Venema

"I purchased the client guide templates from Gaby Chung and was able to edit and create my own client guide in one day. I love that it's super easy to create a beautiful and simple guide that helps you work with your client and make sure they understand each step of the client experience. Having Gaby Chung's template helped me get my guide created way faster and in a cost effective way for printing. It was definitely worth the investment!"

Rachael Venema Photography

Polina Kuklina

"Gaby's Client Guide template is so easy to use! I had it printed through Millers and the final product looks so professional and high-end!! I am an IPS photographer and so happy I finally have this Welcome Package​ to give to my clients​ at their consultation."

Polina Pictures


Katie Schneider

"Gaby Chung's client guide templates are easy to customize to my process, policies and images. She provided instructions for me to create a professional and high-end welcome packet. I feel confident that the welcome packet will take my business to the next level!"

Katie Schneider Photography


Jennifer Marie

I had been following Gaby for a while and finally took the leap and bought myself the Client Guide Templates as a Christmas present to myself. I recently moved from a home studio to a commercial space and needed something to give my clients that would really bring that wow factor and set me apart in my community-this is it. I love the ease of customizing the templates to fit my brand and the details Gaby provided made ordering so simple! The Client Guide Templates are going to be the key to reaching my business goals this year, thank you so much Gaby!

Sweet Serendipity Studio

"Gaby's client guides have saved me weeks of time. You can literally just fill in the blanks and adjust what you need. I truly believe my welcome packets brought my business to the next level, they wouldn’t have been so perfect without Gaby."

-Laura Mohr | Little Mohr Photography

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When will I receive my files?

All files will be available at 10 am PST the day following purchase. 

Who can purchase the Client Guide Templates?

Mentoring/templates/tutorials are NOT for available for purchase to anyone living or working within an 80 mile radius of Glendora, California 91741.  If you're outside this area, you're welcome to purchase!

What are your Terms of Use?

You may NOT share, loan, copy, redistribute, or sell any Gaby Chung products/files/templates you receive in any way.  You may NOT use these products to create derivative products, files, templates, or other such files for resale at any time.  You may not teach any of the techniques used or taught in these products to others.  You may not claim these files as your own or post them to the internet for any reason.

What is your return policy? What if I don't like them?

Please ensure that you read through all the details on this page, as there are no refunds or returns. I provide no warranty or guarantee.  All sales are final. Please contact Gaby if you have questions BEFORE purchasing. [email protected]

For how long will I have access to the content?

You will have access to the content for 60 days following purchase. It is your responsibility to download the material immediately and securely back up your files.


Please contact [email protected] with any questions BEFORE purchasing. Thanks!!!

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